Beverages - BGF


12oz Soda Assortment

An Assortment of Coca Cola products

per person
(Min 6)
Bottled Water

Assorted Poland Spring and sparkling water

per person
(Min 6)
Freshly Brewed Coffee

Fresh City Kitchen coffee is an intricate blend of coffee from Central America.This blend is robust and decadent, with a rich finish that will linger on your palate.

serves 8-12
Hot Tea

A selection of Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Teas from Bigelow Tea Company.

Serves 8 -12
Mix & Match

An assortment of beverages from Coca-Cola, Snapple, Spindrift and Poland Springs

per person
(Min 6)
Speciality waters

An assortment of Saratoga and Poland Spring sparkling as well as assorted Spindrift flavors.

(Min 10)

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