Breakfast Assortments & Packages

V.I.P Treatment

Our Bakery Assortment with seasonal fruits, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee

per person
(Min 10)
Hot Breakfast Buffet
Vegetarian Friendly

Scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon strips, maple pork sausage links, baby golden roasted breakfast potatoes served with mini buttered croissants and seasonal fresh fruit salad.

(Min 20)
Pete's Homemade Eggs Early Riser
Vegetarian Friendly

Everyone will enjoy this big fluffy oven-baked omelet made with Cabot cheddar cheese. We have 3 options to choose from - classic cheese, smokey thick cut bacon, or garden fresh tomato and spinach.

Serves 15-20
Breakfast Sandwich & Burrito Assortment
Vegetarian Friendly

An assortment of breakfast sandwiches and burritos with Cabot cheddar and freshly cracked eggs. 

CLASSIC BEC WRAP Applewood smoked bacon and cabot cheddar cheese

MARKET FRESH WRAP Sautéed rainbow peppers, white onions, button mushrooms and cabot cheddar cheese

SOUTH OF THE BORDER  WRAP Fresh tomato salsa, organic black beans, sliced scallions and cabot cheddar chees

BACON, EGG & CHEESE Applewood smoked bacon scrambled eggs and cabot cheddar cheese on a warmed english muffin

HAM, EGG & CHEESE Applewood smoked ham scrambled eggs and Cabot cheddar cheese on a multigrain croissant

CHICKEN SAUSAGE, EGG & CHEESE Chicken sausage patty, scrambled eggs and cabot cheddar cheese on a warmed buttermilk biscuit

(Min 10)
Bakery Assortment

An assortment of our freshly baked muffins, bagels and breakfast pastries served with cream cheese, jelly, jam and butter

per person
(Min 6)

Hot Breakfast Specialties

Vegetarian Friendly

Your choice between Spinach & Tomato or Quiche Lorraine both have a flavorful blend of seasoned egg & cream in a light & sweet cream cheese crust. 

Served by the Slice
(Min 6)
Savory Croissant

An exquisite pure butter pastry made with cage-free eggs complemented by a delicious filling with béchamel sauce and either leek & parmesan cheese or spinach & feta.

(Min 6)

Breakfast Additions

Fresh Sliced Fruit

A selection of seasonal sliced fruit and berries.

$80.00 - $150.00
Fruit & Yogurt Fondue

Fresh cut fruit served with strawberry yogurt and granola

serves 10
Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
Individually Packaged

Layers of creamy low-fat yogurt and fresh-cut fruit, topped with crunchy granola

per person
(Min 6)
Breakfast Potatoes
Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian

Freshly roasted baby golden potatoes, seasoned to perfection and make a great addition as a side to your breakfast sandwiches or burritos.

per person
(Min 10)
Fresh Fruit Cup
Gluten Free Vegan Individually Packaged
Chobani Yogurt
Gluten Free Individually Packaged

Chobani Greek Yogurt Assorted Flavors 

(Min 5)
brekki™ Overnight Oats
Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian Individually Packaged

Our overnight oats are made by brekki™ with nothing but the best ingredients, including ancient grains, almonds, oats, almond milk and organic coconut nectar.

Featuring Bananna Maple & Blueberry flavors 

All brekki flavors have no dairy, no gluten, no GMOs. 

Breakfast Toppings
Gluten Free Vegetarian

A great addition to your breakfast buffet or bowls: housemade tomato salsa, fresh guacamole, chipotle aioli, cilantro lime crema, sriracha hot sauce, cheddar cheese, scallions and sauteed mushrooms, onions & peppers

(Min 10)

Breakfast Beverages

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Fresh City Kitchen coffee is an intricate blend of coffee from Central America.This blend is robust and decadent, with a rich finish that will linger on your palate.

serves 8-12
Juice Assortment
Individually Packaged

Assortment of Fruit Juices 

Specialty Water Selection

Selection of sparkling water featuring Saratoga, Spindrift, Poland Spring 

(Min 10)

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