Gourmet Salads & Grain Platters

Farmer's Market
Gluten Free Vegetarian

Green lettuces, shredded carrot, steamed edamame, fresh garden tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, Cabot cheddar and our market ranch dressing served on the side

serves 10 as a side dish
Great Caesar

Green lettuces, garlic croutons, asiago cheese blend and our classic creamy caesar dressing served on the side

serves 10 as a side dish
Greek Chicken Salad & Grains Platter

Kale with quinoa, stuffed grape leaves, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, roasted chickpeas, oregano, and feta cheese with Greek dressing.


Serves 10
Salad Toppers
Gluten Free

A great addition to any salad or grain platter that is sure to please 

Grilled Chicken Breast  * Grilled Steak * Pan Seared Salmon 

The Birkenstock Grains Platter
Gluten Free Vegan

Green lettuces mixed with kale, tri-colored quinoa, pepitas, fresh garden tomatoes, steamed edamame, charred broccoli, topped with flax seeds and our Italian dressing served on the side


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