Grill Hero Kits - Grill It Yourself

We send you all the side dishes fully prepared and the meat marinated and ready to grill. When you are ready to eat fire up the grill and you are the hero!

We do most of the work and you get all of the credit!

GIY Turkey Kebobs

We will take our signature soy honey marinated turkey tips, peppers, and onions and skewer them for you, all you need to do is throw them on the grill Served with fresh herbed couscous and asparagus. 

We get our all-natural turkeys from a sustainable farm in Vermont. They are GMO-free and raised to roam free to create the most healthy, nutritious, and flavorful turkey. 


$25.00 - $60.00
GIY Steak Kebobs

8 oz. of house marinated steak tips, skewered with peppers and onions all you need to do is throw them on the grill. Served with mac n cheese and broccoli slaw.  


$25.00 - $60.00
GIY Steak Tips

House marinated steak tips all ready to hit your grill & make you the hero of your backyard BBQ. 

Served with mac n cheese and broccoli slaw. 


$25.00 - $60.00
GIY Chicken Breasts

Be the hero of your backyard with our soy honey marinaded chicken breasts all ready for you to throw on the grill! 

Served with Vicki's cilantro lime potato salad and coleslaw. 


$20.00 - $50.00
Turkey Tips

Tender turkey tips marinated in our soy honey marinade and ready to hit your grill. Served with our roasted vegetable medley and jasmine rice all you need to do is heat & serve. 

$20.00 - $50.00
Chicken Kebobs
$20.00 - $50.00

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